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About Tom Rebello


Tom Rebello is a music educator. With more than 25 years of experience, he graduated in Music, with a postgraduate degree in Music Pedagogy. He gathered all his skills throughout his career (as a musician, composer and producer, researcher and teacher), to currently direct his experiences to Music Teaching.

It’s goal is to provide a differentiated Teaching of Music, allied to Quality of Life; therefore, he specialized and created teaching methods, technique and musical practice suited to each student and their needs.

It has regular students, students with special needs and seniors. Concerned that there is no method for each age and knowing that learning is different at each stage of life, he created different methodologies for each one of them – which help in the interest and motivation of students, making them achievetheir goals of learning music better and go further, providing more quality of life as well.

The current work with the UN (United Nations) with the theme focused on Ageism (age not being an obstacle or a reason for discrimination to accomplish things in life), is fully connected with its work of Teaching the Elderly.

His many jobs throughout his life helped Tom Rebello to be that Differentiated Professional. Because most teachers have no other skills. And Tom manages to unite them all to Music Teaching, in addition to having created different New Teaching Methodologies for Each Age.

His work as a musician brought the experience of practice (playing in a band, singing in a choir, performing live at events) – which he brings to students today – different from ordinary classes that focus on theory or just make the student play the songs without knowing what they are doing.

His work as a composer and producer helps to bring all his knowledge to create events, entertainment – ​​such as Live Performances and in Audio and Video Recordings – that helps the student’s motivation and interest to show their knowledge to a live audience.


As a researcher, he keeps up to date on Music Education. He does research on music education and writes articles on the topic to provide and create quality education. Here it also goes beyond teaching, researching the benefits that music brings to physical and mental health and well-being in general.


Music For All

Learn from basics to advanced in a natural and fun way with the new Tom’s Music For All methodology.

Children's Musicalization

It is important that the child has contact with music from an early age, to develop their musicality and absorb some of the fundamentals of music

kids and teenagers

Kids and teenagers are already used to a more systematized study routine in schools and colleges.

Music classes for elderly

Music can bring many benefits to elderly. Numerous studies show the health benefits that music can provide for these people.

students with special needs

Music classes also bring benefits to people with special needs. That's because musical activities work several areas of the body and brain



Throughout his 25 of experience, Tom Rebello has received numerous awards, recommendations and recognition for his unique methodology.

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Read the report of some of the students who studied with our methodology.

I started my guitar classes with Everton Rebello in 2011. At that time, I knew very little about the instrument and about musical theory – I had received the guitar on my birthday three years before and, without any support until then, I had not achieved many results on my own. Thanks to his teaching method, I could already in his first classes learn to play my first song. Since then, through weekly classes with Everton, I have made great progress in the instrument, both in practice and in knowledge of musical theories, reaching an advanced level in guitar. Undoubtedly, Everton is a great musician and a great music professor. He is a calm and patient person; qualities that for me are essential for a good educator. Aligned to this, he has a high knowledge of music, in adition to practical experience with several instruments. His classes are fluid and, as a student for 10 years, I can say with certainty that the learning pace has been very good. I strongly recommend Everton as a musician, as a professor and as a person!

    Cauê Felipe Brighenti Pan

    29 years old

    My name is Eduardo Savordelli, I am 60 years old and I have classes of guitar and acoustic guitar with Professor Everton Rebello for more than 10 years. I want to write my experience as a student. I had a lot of teachers before Professor Everton and when I looked for him, I was almost giving up on learning to play because I have had teachers with a very bad didactic method and the last one humiliated me very much because of my dificulties. That’s when I decided to look for Everton on the recommendation of a friend. In a few weeks, Everton managed to correct some mistakes of guitar technique that others couldn’t, always with such patience that I’m forever grateful to him. His didactic methods are unique and different. He even managed to make me fulfill my dream of perfoming in public with the musical genre that I love, which is Rock and Roll. I’ve done three shows with a repertoire of 13 songs each show. I intend to become a professional in music after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. With Professor Everton’s help, I also composed seven songs. I made a point in sharing my experience because as I’ve had a lot of teachers, I can say that he is the best professor I’ve ever had and with a very unique and different didactic method.

      Eduardo Luiz Savordelli

      60 years

      For more than two years, I’ve been attending Vila Studio in São Bernardo do Campo / São Paulo, where I’ve been getting guidance and support in band practice as well as individual guitar classes, taught by Professor Everton Rebello. He is a competente professional with modern teaching methods. He shows his performances and classes with security, excellent relationship, which has been improving my musical development. I recommend him.

        Raimundo Julio da Silva

        70 years

        Between the years of 2016 and 2018, I was Professor Everton Rebello’s regular student. I had electric guitar private classes weekly during this period. Professor Everton is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Not only for his deep knowledge of music and great auditive perception, but also for the ability to pass his expertise in a clear and pleasant way. In the study of music, several times we face difficult teachers, poorly prepared and without didactic abilities. This is not Everton Rebello’s case. With him, I could improve in my instrument practice and acquire even more passion for music. He is a dedicated teacher and interested in understanding the pace, rhythm and approach that the student needs to evolve. Today, at 31 years old, having chosen to follow this career as well and as a teacher in music schools, I can say that Professor Everton’s method contributed a lot for my professional formation and made a crucial difference in my musical journey. I’m sure that Professor Everton’s presence would be a great asset for the teachers’ board of any prestigious teaching institute. O profº Everton é com certeza um dos melhores professores que já tive. Não só pelo conhecimento profundo da matéria musical e ótima percepção auditiva, mas também por conseguir passar o conhecimento de maneira clara e agradável. No estudo da música, diversas vezes nos deparamos com professores difíceis, mal preparados e sem habilidade didática. Não é o caso do Everton. Com ele, pude me desenvolver na prática do instrumento e adquirir ainda mais gosto pela música. Ele é um professor dedicado e interessado em entender o tempo, ritmo e abordagem que o aluno precisa para evoluir. Hoje, aos 31 anos, tendo optado por seguir também essa carreira e sendo professor em escola de música, posso afirmar que o método de ensino do profº Everton contribuiu muito para a minha formação e fez diferença crucial na minha trajetória. Tenho certeza que a presença do profº Everton seria um grande trunfo para o quadro de professores de qualquer instituição de ensino conceituada.

          Guilherme Fagaraz

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